Oh, I Could While Away the Hours

‘Banking online banking online banking online’ It’s as good a mantra as any. I spend my entire LUAS journey home repeating this over and over, trying to not focus on the non-nationals and nackers speaking at the top of their voices, scratching their heads, picking their noses or – even better – pulling out a styrofoam tub with RED-SAUCE-PASTA stamped across the lid. Dinner, on the tram. I squash my body as close to the window as I can and kiss my thumb. Thumb kissing equals extremely stressed out self.

I neeed to reset my banking online password because I’ve forgotten the password I’ve had since the dawn of time. On three occassions this week I’ve had to request a new password, reset it to my own, and then promptly forgot it again. Maybe it’s time for a new password. I’ve also forgotten how to make chicken curry, where my passport and drivers licence are, and that I was supposed to be in college this weekend…

I’ve noticed recently -however – that I haven’t lost the ability to flirt. Full on, reel-him-in packed with inuendo flirting. The type that produces dilated pupils, flushed cheeks and even warmer dreams. The flirting spectrum is as wide as I want it to be: from safe, fun, innocent and uninentional to cheeky, food-for-thought, very intentional and downright salacious.

In a similar fashion to the push-up bra, the internet has a lot to answer for.

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