Like a Pop Up Tent, Only Better

I’m taking a rest between the three stages of changing my bed linen when I realise what an odd thing this is to do. My bed isn’t particularly large or the duvet particularly heavy, yet every time I change the linen I take little ‘breaks’. Once after the sheet, once when the pillows are done and once half way through putting on the duvet. Bizarre? Maybe a little. If I had time – and money – I’d invent pop-up bed linen. Or get a cleaning lady.

Then again, I know someone who irons the bed linen AFTER it’s on the beds. And someone else who makes the bed in the morning with a sleeping child still in it. To save time, like. Getting off the subject of beds, I know someone who toasts herself when she’s having a drink. Not overly bad, I agree. But answering yourself – which she does – is a bit dodgy. (“Cheers Big Ears!” “Fuck you Noddy…”)

All females, granted. Then again, I know a man who owns multiple toothbrushes. “How many?” “…Maybe five or six.” “But for what??” “At home, my gym bag, the car, walking around…” He also gives them names. Like Colin, and Fred, and Dave. He can’t announce he has a new toothbrush (how much the people-from-space must love us) without it reminding me of pre-Celtic Tiger Dublin. A place without bed linen-changing cleaning ladies or – more importantly – eyebrow brushes. I’ve always been slightly obsessed with eyebrow shapes and feel real empathy for anyone with crap eyebrows. From maybe the age of 15 I’d recycle my toothbrushes into home-made eyebrow brushes, and I’d ‘shape’ my eyebrows with my trusty tub of vaseline…

Walking into the Quays pub in Temple Bar one evening hastily fixing my eyebrows – as you do – one of the bouncers asked me would I not invest in a toothbrush ‘just for yer eyebrows.’ Then MAC arrived in Dublin with their brow kit and that was the end of my money-making eyebrow-shaping idea.

Pop up bed linen however, now that could work…

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1 Response to Like a Pop Up Tent, Only Better

  1. grainne says:

    its only the duvet cover that gets the ironing!!! i do all the pillows on the ironing board…………

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